KHS-100 Helmet Steriliser

Model: KHS-100


The KHS-100 helmet steriliser is suitable for drying and sterilising hard hats, bike helmets and other lightweight crash hats. Using low levels of ozone to safely sanitise your hat removing smells and bacteria and making it feel as good as new. This compact device is works either sat on a desk or hung on a wall. Gaseous ozone safely removes micro-organisms, germs, bacteria and viruses.

Product Details

External Dimensions W260mm X D300mm x H108mm
Power Consumption4.2W, 12V DC, 350mA

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KHS-100 Helmet Steriliser Information

  • The KHS-100 model is adept at disinfecting, deodorising and drying head gear.
  • Perfect for PPE safety hats, cycling helmets, or climbing helmets.
  • The compact device works on a wall or on a desk.
  • It is extremely efficient with a low power consumption and removes smells of sweat and germs with ease.


Klenz's cutting-edge Ozone and UV technology sterilizes, deodorizes and dries the helmets so that they are clean, fresh smelling, and bacteria-free.


The product is operated by a micro-switch trigger when hung in a vertical position, or by the Runtime button.

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