MS-480S Ozone Sanitiser Cabinet

Model: MS-480-S


Full height Ozone Sanitiser Cabinet with double doors and sixteen shelves. This uses Klenz's patented ozone sanitisation system to kill viruses and bacteria.

Product Details

External DimensionsW1225 X D575 X H1970mm
Internal Dimensions2 X W520 X D510 X H1655mm
Equipment16 Shelves, 200mm apart.
Power Consumption High 820W / Low 65W

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MS-480S Ozone Sanitiser Cabinet Information

Sterilizing Method
Most effective sanitising and deodorizing by SANITIZING AIR.
Contaminated air inside the chamber is completely purified through the purification filtering system.
Discharging Moisture
Polluted moisture of inside is purified through the purification filtering system.
Control Display
Available to see Running Time and Status.
Auto Control
Convenient to use auto processing and auto control functions through the Micro Processor Computer System.
Convenient self-check-up function
Indicate when filter cleaning is needed to maintain the best condition.
Temperature Controller
Using the temperature controller, shoes doesn't affect any damage during the dry.
Control Door Switch
Opening the door shall stop the operation automatically except for the circular fan which continues to purify the contaminated air.
Door Gasket
Air inside the chamber is isolated perfectly by one body silicon gasket without joint.
Convenient Use
Simply connect to the power outlet.
Easy Installation
Just plug in and ready to use, there is no need duct.
Clean Bottom Plate
Bottom plate allows easy cleaning.

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