KLÉNZ LTD is a South Korean manufacturer of sterilising-deodorising-drying devices. Established by technologists in 2003, they are the market leader in footwear sanitising products. Their technology is used by conglomerates such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai as well as medical centres, hotels, schools and sports clubs.

Klenz’s cutting-edge gaseous Ozone sanitisation devices with powerful Ozone and UV cleansing and filtering systems are designed to kill viruses, bacteria and germs. Sterilising, Deodorising and Drying the fabric of your shoes and garments. This extends and sustains the life of your equipment, keeping it clean and fresh. 

Klénz UK was born in 2018 to share Klenz's effectiveness, reliability and environmental credentials with the British market. We are the official Klenz partner for the UK and our showroom in the West Midlands has a wide range of Klenz devices.

Gaseous ozone has been proven to be effective at denaturing micro-organisms ranging from viruses to bacteria and germs; Klenz machines use gaseous Ozone concentrations of around 1.5ppm with programs lasting from 10 to 180 minutes and as part of our duty of care we verify the ozone concentration inside and outside the machines for safety assurance. We invite you to explore our range of sanitising devices and please let us know if you have any questions.